Privacy policy (Philipp Teister: 11/11/18) My website "" & "", does NOT process/collect any of your personal information. This means, there are NO "tracking", "finger-printing", "cookie shit", Fakebook, Google or whatever shitfuck of technologies are being used or ever will be by this website. Since I've had my fair share in regard of labour in the field of user tracking, I promise you that you are safe. NOT! Most likely you don't actually care about this subject at all. And even more likely, that you're the "Wer-nichts-zu-verbergen-hat,-hat-nichts-zu-befuerchten" kinda guy, but what if, I told you, that your benign browsing behavior, and your Fakebook postings & likings, the endless amounts of captcha solving, your entire private messages, all that stuff was being used for solely one purpose -- to train the machines. The "Artificial Intelligence", the most anti-human thing, you up to now never have heard of, to be included & used within intelligent weaponry, robots, and other cyber warfare mechanisms to eradicate each and every single grain what made us human in the beginning.